Sunday School Scavenger Hunt

4 Nov

Hi there SANSSA Teachers

I’ve got a really fun activity that you can work into your Sunday School Lesson this week!

It’s called a “People Scavenger Hunt”, and it’s a great way to help your students develop a connection
with several people in your church.

I feel strongly that there is a high correlation between children knowing a lot of people at church and their attendance.

The more children feel like they belong to a church community, the more likely they will WANT to participate.

Let’s get the kids out of their Sunday School classroom and encourage them to build some new friendships!

Create a “People Scavenger Hunt” handout that is tailored to your church membership.

Here’s a look at 5 of the items on my church Scavenger Hunt:

1) Find three people who sing in a choir, and have them sign below:

2) Have a pastor of our church sign here:

3) Find a person who helps keep the church clean,and have them sign here:

4) Find a parent of one of your Sunday School classmates, and have him or her sign here:

5) Find a person who greets people before church, and have him or her sign here:

Once you develop your handout, print out enough copies for all the children in your class.

Encourage your students to approach people in church to help them complete their scavenger hunt.

You may want to announce this activity during a church service so folks know what all this excitement is about.

Give the kids a couple weeks to complete their Scavenger Hunt and offer a small prize or round of applause to any child who completes the hunt.

I’d love to hear how this activity goes if you give it a try!


Teacher Tips courtesy of Mary-Kate especially for SANSSA

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Chicago, IL

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