A Must-Do Assignment for All Sunday School Teachers

This message is part of Mary Kate Warner’s Sunday
School Teaching Tips newsletter.
Hi SANSSA Teachers & Superintendents

I hate to put on my “bossy hat” this week, but
I have something very important to go over with you.

I need to make *certain* that you get something very
important checked off your “Sunday School Teacher List”
this week.

Last week, we had an emergency at Sunday School.

One of the children got stung by a bee for the first
time ever.

Long story short…

The child was allergic, had trouble breathing,
and we needed to get some help pronto.

The child turned out to be fine (Phew!), but it was a chaotic
scene as you can imagine.

Luckily, I had assembled an “Emergency Folder”
last month that came in VERY handy during this
bee situation.

Inside my “Emergency Folder” are piles of Bible
Activity Sheets that can keep our students occupied
and learning for hours (if need be).

Here’s where you can get a copy of the sheets I keep
on hand:


When the little girl got stung, I was able to shift my
focus entirely onto her and simply handed a parent
volunteer my “Emergency Folder” of activity sheets.

If the same situation had happened last year, my
class would have spiraled out of control.

But this year I had prepared, and after seeing the girl
off to the hospital I returned to find my class working
away on a Bible Activity Sheet called:

“Gideon’s Amazing Maze of Miracles”

Gideon’s Maze is included in the Bible Activity Sheets


My class didn’t turn into a “recess session” while I
was away, any capable parent would have been able
to distribute and supervise the Activity Sheets.


I’m writing today because we often don’t PREPARE for
this type of emergency as Sunday School teachers.

I’m begging you to take 15 minutes out of your day and
put some Bible Activity Sheets in an Emergency Folder.

(Make sure you have enough sheets for each child in
your class).

Bible Activity Sheets are great teaching tools.

In addition to keeping them in an Emergency Folder,
you can use them as:

-Sunday School homework (great discussion
starters for Parents)

-Keep the children occupied and LEARNING
as other students arrive

-Give the kids something to do while
they wait to be picked up

In case you don’t have any Bible Activity Sheets
readily available (or maybe you’d like some new ones)…

We’ve compiled a package of 25 (they are the
ones we use over and over):


Please sleep tonight knowing you were proactive
and have an “Emergency Folder” prepared.

God Bless,


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