#1 mistake most Sunday School Teachers Make

Today I wanted to share with you the #1 mistake most Sunday School Teachers Make:
Not Connecting Enough with Parents

Teachers will tell you over and over the importance of getting to know parents. They can make or break your relationship with their child, because it is their responsibility to get their child to Sunday school each week! 

Contacting parents early on in the terms opens the door to good communication throughout the year. This good communication will encourage parents to make sure their students are in attendance each week. 

Supportive parents are also a great resource to help in the teaching and implementation of different ideas presented during Sunday school.

To create a good relationship with parents,there are several things you can do. 

• During the first few weeks of the term, make a personal phone call home to talk to the parents about their child. 
• Praise something unique that their child has done, such as, “Sally behaved so well in class last week, she got a reward!”
“John was extremely helpful in setting up the classroom for the day’s activity. I couldn’t have done it without him!” 
This will help parents to feel that their child is engaged, happy, and important to the overall classroom.

• Also, newsletters are a great way to stay in contact with parents. Send home a short newsletter once a month telling parents what events have just passed and what events are coming up. 
Let them know the lesson plans you have and the Bible passages that go along with the lessons,so that interested parents can read through the passages with their students before or just after the session. 

Creating a relationship where parents feel comfortable sharing that information will help you and them, because it will better equip you to handle any changes in their child. 

God Bless,

Mary Kate Warner

Provided for SANSSA by Mary-Kate from her Sunday School Lesson Plans.

PS- If you’re looking for the link to the Sunday School Lesson Plans, here you go:
PS- If you’re looking for the link to the Sunday School Lesson Plans, here you go:


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