Ten Ways to Pray for the Students in Your Children’s Classes

During NATIONAL Sunday School these prayer By Donna Fillmore may help you to focus on the children in your class or whom you may know.

1. Pray about the requests children share in class, including sick pets and other concerns.

2. Pray about specific situations a child’s family is facing and the impact it has upon the children in the home.

3. Pray that your students will do well in school.

4. Ask God to protect your students from negative influences in their schools or neighbourhoods.

5. Pray that the children will remain tender toward God and will receive Jesus as Saviour as soon as the Holy Spirit makes them aware of their need.

6. Pray for wisdom in dealing with your more difficult children. Ask God to help you reflect His love to those children even when you have to correct them.

7. Pray that your students can positively impact their world, even while they are young.

8. Pray for your students’ safety and protection.

9. Pray for your students’ parents, particularly for the salvation of unsaved parents.

10. Pray that God will someday help each child make wise courtship and marriage choices.


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