Fathers Day Ideas

21 May

News and Teaching Ideas from Mary Rice Hopkin’s

Nothing Measures How Great
You Are

Materials Needed:
White construction paper, coloured construction paper, rulers, pens, crayons, coloured pencils, and glue.

Activity: Have the children fold the white construction paper in half the long way and decorate the front with crayons or coloured pencils. Then they trace a ruler on a coloured sheet of construction paper, mark the lines, write the numbers and glue to the top of the card. Under the ruler they write “NOTHING . . .”
Inside the card they write:
“measures how great you are!” and sign it.

3D Fathers day Card

Materials Needed: Construction paper, glue, tape, markers, crayons, craft wire, moveable eyes, buttons, and other add-ons which you may have on hand.

Children create an outer space creature which holds two signs: “Happy Father’s Day” and “You are out of this world.”
Inside they may write any message they wish.

Father’s Day Discussion

Materials Needed:
30 cm length of red wool for each child and a Bible.

Open your Bible to Exodus 20:12 and read: “Honour your father.”

Ask, “What does honour mean?” (Respect, appreciate)

Your father may be absent in your life and that’s hard, isn’t it?
You may think that your father does not even deserve honour, respect and appreciation. With help from God our Heavenly Father, those whose fathers are not involved in their lives can become stronger. Let’s bow our heads for prayer.

(Pray generally for children who have absent fathers that they will rely more on God their Heavenly Father.)

What qualities do you admire in your father? (Let children respond.)

We show love by our actions. What are some things you can do to make your father happy?”

Now I want you to think of ONE thing you can do today or this week to make your father happy. So you won’t forget, I’m going to tie a red bow on your finger. When you see that red bow, it will remind you to do what? (Show love to your father by doing your specific action.)

Love from Mary Hopkins Rice


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