Superintendents Guide to Training their Staff #1

7 Sep

 Make Training Happen!

 (An overview of how to make training your volunteers happen in your Sunday School, and find creative ways to build a close-knit community)

 See the big picture of Training

 Plan an annual calendar of Teacher training strategies and enrichment events that work for your church, and see your ministry grow.


Let’s stop to consider how many parts there are to the Teacher’s job in your Sunday School:

• Planning

• Knowing correct Policies and Procedures

• Knowing correct Child Safety Policies

• Understanding the different Age Characteristics

• Handling Discipline Challenges correctly

• Appropriate Teaching Methods

• Story-telling

• Leading Group Discussions

• Good use of different Media

…. And so many more!

 Therefore, no matter what it is called – Teacher training, orientation, enrichment, or networking – the process of building up good skills of your volunteer teachers and helpers plays a very significant part of any Children’s ministry or Sunday School within the local church.

 Follow Jesus’ training style, and, just as He had a three-year plan for His volunteers (He called them), so you, too, need to have a training plan for your staff.

 Start planning today!



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